Professor Ian Edward Curran
(Vice Dean, Education)

Welcome Message

Warmest greetings from Duke-NUS—Singapore’s flagship graduate-entry medical school—and welcome to our e-Open House 2021.

Duke-NUS Medical School, a leading centre for medical research and education, has various internationally-recognised research and academic programmes in one of the most dynamic and demanding regions for quality healthcare and medical research. Our students will benefit from world-class clinical and research facilities that integrate both research and clinical applications from our strategic partnership with Singapore Health Services (SingHealth). This partnership with SingHealth includes Singapore General Hospital, which is widely recognised as one of the top hospitals in the world. We believe in “Clinician First, Clinician Plus”, whereby through education at Duke-NUS, our students will transform into outstanding clinicians and curious, critical thinkers who can contribute to medicine as researchers, educators, leaders, entrepreneurs or policy makers.

Come explore Duke-NUS’ world-class academic and research programmes in our inaugural virtual open house and join us in our mission of transforming medicine and improving lives. Take part in our live chats and sharing sessions to hear what our students have to say about their experiences with our unique “Clinician First, Clinician Plus” curriculum. Explore our virtual booths to know more about how we develop our students into outstanding clinicians and multi-disciplinary thinkers.

Discover what Duke-NUS has to offer today!

Event Highlights

Duke-NUS Programmes

Duke-NUS at a Glance


9am - 9:30am

Keynote Session - Duke-NUS "Clinician First, Clinician Plus"

Prof London Lucien Ooi

Duke-NUS Associate Dean of Admissions

9:40am - 10:10am

Keynote Session – Preparing cutting edge researchers

Associate Professor Silke Vogel

Duke-NUS Senior Associate Dean of Graduate Studies (PhD and Accredited Programs

10:20am - 10:35am

New Programme Talk: Master in International Translational Medicine

Prof Salvatore Albani

Professor and MITM Strategic Director, Duke-NUS Medical School 

10:45am – 11:15pm

Admissions Talk

Sheryl Chan

Admissions Team

11:25am- 11:50am

Programme Talk - PhD in Clinical and Translational Sciences

Prof Pierce Chow

Professor and Program Director, Office of Clinical Sciences, DukeNUS Medical School

12pm to 12:45pm

MCAT Sharing Session

Sarah Ong

Year 2 MD Student

Pratik Shah

(Course Manager at PrepZone)

1pm to 1:30pm

PhD Student Sharing

Tan Kai Wei

Year 5 MD-PhD Student

1:30pm to 2pm

Life After Duke-NUS - Housemanship and Residency

Lim Eng How

Alumni class of 2019

2pm to 2:30pm

MD Student Sharing

Vanessa Chong

Year 3 MD Student

Zhang Ze Zhou

Year 4 MD Student


Frequently Asked Questions

The e-Open House will be conducted fully online on 24th April 2021.
After you have completed the registration, you will receive an email that contains the link for access to the eOpen House. To log in, simply use your email address as the login ID. No password is required.
Yes, you can login and out anytime you please! Simply re-login with your email address at your convenience.
NO. You do not need to download or install any software to participate in our conference. You only need to have access to the Internet.
You can look forward to:
  • ‘Live’ talks from Dean of Graduate Studies and Associate dean of Duke-NUS Admissions
  • ‘Live’ sharing and advice from Duke-NUS MD and PhD students as well as alumni to share about life after graduation and experiences regarding their residency programmes
  • ‘Virtual’ booths of the different faculties, admissions and financial aid team at Duke-NUS to answer your queries about the programmes, application/admission processes and available scholarships and financial aid.
  • Chat virtually (Group or 1:1) with our representatives to clarify any doubts
  • 1:1 chat with available academic faculty and admissions team
  • Download materials from the different booths for further reading after the event.
It would be good for you to attend the talks that you are interested in ‘live’ as there will be opportunities for ‘live’ QnAs. Nonetheless, fret not if you are unable to attend some of these talks as all ‘live’ talks will be recorded and uploaded onto the event site for later viewing and thereafter to our own NUS website.
Importantly the e-Open Day web-portal will remain accessible to the public for 30 days after the event except there will not be any ‘live’ events. Just login with the same Login ID (ie your email address) or if you are a new visitor after the event, you can still register and enter the site to gain access to full to all the resources available for the e-Open House. You can still watch recorded talks, presentations, videos.
You can also visit the various faculty/programme booths to download brochures and information. Although the Group and 1:1 chat function at the various booths will be disabled, there will be information as to how you can contact the various programme representatives if you have any queries.
The main aim of the e-Open House is for you to explore the various Duke-NUS programmes and scholarships; understand the eligibility criteria for the various programmes; as well as understand the application processes for the upcoming intake.
Our application for the MD and PhD programmes will open on 1st June 2021 and you can visit the following link to register an account and familiarize with the application portal once our portal is open.